Cajun Bayou Tour

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Cajun Bayou Boat    

Cajun Bayou Boat

This 4 hour tour is only offered as a PRIVATE tour. Call 1-888-223 2093 or email us for pricing and availability. 

It is also offered as part of our all-day "Grand tour"

You will be picked up in a 13 passenger tour van. Narrated 90 minutes drive out to Cajun Country, we go with a small group through wild cypress swamps, over the Mississippi River on an impressive suspended bridge, and along vast sugarcane fields, as our driver-guide tells the unique story of the odyssey of the Cajun people and how they came to settle in Southeast Louisiana.

NARRATED BOAT TOUR (about one & a half hours) on a covered pontoon boat on winding bayous in remote cypress swamps. The "Bayou Boeuf" area offers some of the most spectacular wetland scenery of all the Louisiana swamps, marshes and bottomlands. Your Cajun guide, also a fifth generation professional alligator hunter and fur trapper, shares his knowledge of the swamp including reptile habits, healing plants, what dangerous snakes and spiders hide in the bayou and exotic birds too. He has carved a living in the area's swamps, lakes and bayous since boyhood. With unsurpassed knowledge, he taught his 3 sons the art of making a living in this traditional Cajun Culture.

After this slow and peaceful ride, explore his picturesque swamp zoo on Bayou Boeuf.


*The Cajun Bayou Tour is included on our Grand Tour (option B).